Wo finde ich das Realify PaperOffice Setup?

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Sie finden das aktuellste Setup immer direkt unter http://download.realifysystems.com/RealifyPaperOfficeSetup.latest.exe

Insofern Sie keinen USP einsetzen müssen Sie das von Ihnen erworbene Release anstatt des aktuellsten Releases installieren. Diesen Link zum Setup finden Sie in Ihrer Lizenzurkunde.

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Wo kann ich nachträglich eine Muster-Demodatenbank downloaden?

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Sie können die im Setup mitgelieferte Demodatenbank auch manuell von hier downloaden:

  • Deutsch: http://download.realifysystems.com/demodatenbank2015.full.de.rar
  • Englisch: http://download.realifysystems.com/demodatenbank2015.full.en.rar
  • Russisch: http://download.realifysystems.com/demodatenbank2015.full.ru.rar
  • Spanisch: http://download.realifysystems.com/demodatenbank2015.full.es.rar

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What I need to consider before installing Realify PaperOffice?

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Installing Realify PaperOffice™ DMS must be on your primary partition (usually drive C :).

Since Realify PaperOffice™ DMS technically acts as the front end of your Realify PaperOffice™ DMS database, the database can reside on virtually any media, such as the same or another partition, network share or a MySQL database.

You should definitely consider before installing:

If you want to use older versions of Office and Paper Realify upgrade to the current Realify PaperOffice™ DMS Version:

  • Before performing the installation a complete data backup
  • Insert Before installing a system restore point
  • WARNING: Before Realify PaperOffice™ DMS is put into productive operation, we recommend a previous test mode to avoid data inconsistency. Once an older database is opened with the new version, the database structure to the new version will be adapted as new encryption algorithms are integrated. This process is irreversible!
  • If the operation of your Realify PaperOffice™ DMS occurs on a VM (virtual machine), Takes a snapshot

For multi-user versions note!

  • Try before you install the system on a test computer
  • Test the database of your older Realify PaperOffice™ DMS version for compatibility with the new version Realify PaperOffice™ DMS

For all users:

  • You must run Setup with administrator rights
  • Make sure that all Windows updates and service packs (http://update.microsoft.com/) are installed
  • Make sure that you are using the current setup (https://www.realifysystems.com/?show=loginToRN) for installation
  • Connect before installing all Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Your system must meet the minimum requirements

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What is the administrator password?

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Bei einer Neuinstallation oder wenn Sie eine neue leere Datenbank anlegen ist das Administrator-Passwort nicht vergeben, d.h. Sie lassen bei der Anmeldung das Passwort-Feld leer. Es wird empfohlen nach der ersten Anmeldung ein starkes Administrator-Passwort zu vergeben.

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